Today's blog is for all of my mother's out there. As of late, I have been meeting a lot of women who are just getting back into their exercise routines post baby. Some are seeking more restorative ways to workout so that they feel emrgized and ready to tackle the many demands new moms face. Some are Fitness financia just looking to return to their HIIT classes and in up for their next maratgon. Both are amazing and both can and should parts in the type of exercise that they enjoy the most. But one thing I have a great concern for is, once we get our clearance after having a baby, what is the proper way to initiate our workouts? Does that mean register for the first HIIT class on the gym schedule and do what we have done in the past? Should you be stretching more, just doing cardio? There is a bit of a lack of information out there for new moms when I comes to getting back into their workout routines. Of course you can return back to doing the workouts that you were doing before and during pregnancy but there are several things yiu need to keep in mind

  1. For 9 months, you body has under gone extreme anatomical changes. Postural changes, forward pelvic tilting etc. You want to be sure to correct these postural changes first, before engaging in aNY intense gym routine. All weightlifting exercise require perfect posture to execute without injury, so if you want to stay strong and injury free, don't start lifting until you work on your posture first.

  2. The abdominal area, whether through vaginally birth or c-section, has gone through trauma during delivery. Naturally, the loss in mind muscle connection to the abdominal muscles, specifically the inner abdominal muscles occurs. It is I'll advised to begin performing any exercises which require strong abdominal bracing, until you have taken some time to rebuild core stability