Spring Allergies and How to Combat them

I don’t know about you guys, but I suffer from seasonal allergies. Mine are both indoor and outdoor, so as much as I love the beautiful spring weather, I hate the allergies that come with it. If you are like me, and allergies ruin your time outside in the spring, I want you to think about what lifestyle triggers may be making your allergies worse.
Inflammation can worsen your allergy symptoms, so it is super important that you pay attention to the type of food that you are eating during allergy season. You want to be sure to stay away from any food groups that will cause inflammation in your gut such as sugar, dairy, gluten and as always anything processed and chemically altered(which you should avoid on a regular basis anyway)
One thing I love to do with my clients during this time of year In order to uncover any hidden allergy triggers, is put my clients on a very simple elimination diet. My husband and both did this last spring and we both learned so much about what was causing our allergies to worsen. For me, sugar was a major trigger as was dairy. By eliminating these 2 very simple things from my diet, I was able to eliminate my daily allergy pill during allergy season. This was huge for me. 
Another helpful habit that I recommend is supporting your gut health even further by adding a clean probiotic daily supplement to your regimen . I will include my favorite products below for you to check out. Exercise is also a great tool as it will help to strengthen your immune system , helping to create a stronger barrier against allergens.
Try these tips, and I promise you will have a much more pleasant allergy season this year. If you need some help getting started on an elimination diet, submit the form through my website and I can help you get started. Good luck and Happy Spring !!!