Why the long break???

Hello everyone. I know I took a really long break from writing in my blog, but truthfully, I always want to make sure that my content is worth reading instead of rushing something out just for the sake of posting. So, here I am, and I am so thankful that you all have continued to follow me and engage with me on Social Media despite my little break. 

So where have I been??? So much has gone on in such a short period of time. One of those things was a change in my workplace. After 3 years at New York Sports club, I received an offer to join a brand new gym as a Personal trainer. By brand new gym, I mean we literally opened our doors on June 6th. This was the first time I have ever been part of something so new from day 1 and I have to say, it has been amazing. Scary to leave my well built business behind, but so exciting to become part of this new team of extremely talented and dedicated individuals, who have a true passion for this industry. So I am now at Chelsea Piers in BK , which is quite a luxurious facility and I couldn't be happier. Most of my summer, has been consumed by working hard at the new place, so a little social media silence was necessary for me. If I have learned one thing about myself this past year, its that I need to stop trying to multitask, and I need to focus on one thing at a time in order to provide the best version of myself where it is needed. So now that I am fully settled in, and my schedule has become busier than I expected, I can refocus on you all again, and bring you some new, quality, refocused content. 

I have some really cool things that I am working on, which I am anxious to share. I also have some updates on the current state of my fitness journey and how I have refocused my workouts to promote balance and function instead of going hard and intense all of the time. New Logo to be revealed soon, and working with someone on updating the website for you all. Good things to come!!!

As Always, In health and wellness..