Finding Balance on Vacation

For those of you who follow me on IG, you know that my husband and I recently traveled to Austin Texas for a mini vacation to celebrate both of our birthdays. Now, he and I have been following the Whole 30 for the past 2+ months with great success.  So of course, I was a little concerned with how we were both going to enjoy the delicious food that Texas has to offer while we were away, without completely destroying our whole 30. Just a quick side note, both of us have seen such amazing things from Whole 30 which I will talk about on a future blog post, but just to name a few things, Franks skin cleared up and he lost 9lbs. My allergies have been almost non existent  (huge for me and anyone who knows me knows that I took allergy pills everyday, all year round for both my indoor and outdoor allergies for my entire life), and the joint pain and cramping I have been felling in my hands for the past year is now gone. Anyway, I’ll talk more about this in next post. Back to our Vaca 
Austin had some amazing food (ex : delicious BBQ, an abundance of meat, tacos, and of course, my weakness- Voodoo Donuts which had the best donuts I have ever tried). Anyway, back in the day when I was a competitor, I  either would have not taken a vacation, or I would have packed all of my food for the 4 days, forcing my husband to dine alone at restaurants or via room service. My priority, was my diet, and I didn’t care who or what I neglected, I only knew one extreme way of living and I did not think that it was possible to find balance. I missed out on a lot of things during that time, and it makes me sad to realize that now. (To any competitors out there, please note that this was my experience and I know that many of you have found that balance while competing, but I wasn’t able to). Of course I am not a competitor anymore, but there is still that part of me that fears falling completely off track, just because this has always been a slippery slope for me. But at this point in my life, thanks to my education and Integrative Nutrition, I realized, that there is a way to stay on track, stay healthy, but to also live my life and enjoy experiences with loved ones without depriving myself, neglecting my loved ones, or stressing over food and macros. Finding that balance between indulging in things that I wanted to try since I was traveling, and making choices that kept me as close to whole 30 as I possibly could while away, was exactly what I needed.
So here is what I did, and what worked for me. I woke up every morning to a 25 minute intense HIIT session at the hotel gym. In the past I would have spend an hour and a half as my husband waited for me to get some breakfast. But I realized how out of balance that was. Vacation is about relaxation and breaking from your normal routine. I’ve always stayed on my routine on vacation which never made me truly feel like I was taking time off to reset and relax. So this shorter gym routine actually energized me , and got me ready for the day. After that,  we started our days walking all over Austin visiting galleries and the Capital building and of course listening to some great music at various bars and rooftops. At every restaurant, I made the choice to either indulge or make a smarter choice. Thus balance enabled me to enjoy the amazing southern food with my husband,  while finding balance with green juice and avocado smoothies later in the day to get in my greens and nutrients. The hardest part for me, was trying a donut(ok 2 donuts) at the famous Voodoo Donuts on 6th street , which was amazing and worth it. I was afraid that my sugar demon would return, but luckily, because of my balanced mindset, it did not. And the indulgence was just that, an indulgence. 

I can honestly say, that we thoroughly enjoyed our trip and the delicious food with my husband and I do not feel badly about any of it. Food shouldn’t be an obsession ( as it was for me in the past ), it should be something we enjoy for nourishment, but also something we enjoy with family and friends. I know for some of you, like me, it’s hard to not count calories, it’s hard to not feel guilt when we eat a treat, and its hard to not workout everyday for 2 hours, but we need to stop beating ourselves up over these things. We need to stop bringing negativity to our relationship with food, and exercise.  The freedom I have found with food and exercise since becoming a Health Coach, has been life changing, and I am truly grateful for that.
If any of your guys struggle with what I have in the past, please comment below and let’s chat it out. I am also offering complimentary Health and Nutrition Consultations, where I can help you find that food freedom and build a healthier and easier relationship with food. As always, I love to hear from you all so, please leave some comments below and let me know how you have found balance on your vacations. 
Thank you as always for reading
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