Personalized Coaching 

This program is completely customized based off of your personal needs, goals and current fitness level. We will begin with a 1 hour Health consultation via Skype. After this call, I will create a custom program just for you. It will include the following:

  • Customized workouts for 90 days (you can also choose the month to month option)
  • Customized Nutrition for 90 days
  • 2 Coaching calls per month to assess progress
  • Complimentary access to Live and online wellness workshops that I host

Health Coaching 

This Program focuses on Health Coaching without the workouts. In this 6 month program, we will work through your personal health and wellness goals. We will discuss any allergies, acne, health concerns, weight loss goals, stress levels, personal struggles etc, and develop a coaching program specifically for you. Each session will have a specific focus in order to lead you towards your best self. We will have 2 coaching calls per month via Skype, phone call, or in person(NYC area only). You will be given "homework" after each call in order to ensure progress.

Online Fit and Well groups 

In this program, we will work online in a group setting. This is a 90 day program where you and you will be given workouts and Nutrition to follow for the 90 days. We will host group online weekly check in's via a private group. Max 5 people per session. You will be given 2 personal 1 on 1 skype calls with me per month in order to address any concerns and assess progress. The beginning of the program will begin with a 1 hour Health History consultation, where we will discuss your personal goals and needs in order to begin your journey.

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